VISION EXPRESS – the best place to buy corrective lenses, frames, sunglasses, contact lenses, or simply test your eyesight. WIDE ASSORTMENT: we believe that stylish glasses – stylish glimpse into the world, therefore optical salon’s assortment of fashionable eyeglass frames and sunglasses is constantly updated, from cheapest to exclusive designer frames. Whether you’re a fan of classic style, a woman that cherishes an elegant image, solidarity appreciating man, or a youngster in pursuit of the latest fashion trends – you will definitely choose pleasing, comfortable, stylish and, of course, sharp vision ensuring glasses out of rich, more than 1000 eyeglass frames and sunglasses assortment . PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATIONS: optic consultants, while having many years of experience in this kind of work, will not just offer you the best, most beautiful facial feature emphasizing frames or sunglasses, but also advise the best type of lenses according prescription, which ensures maximum comfort and convenience.

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