Solisun - the largest network of tanning salons in Lithuania has been successfully operating for two decades and guarantees that you will achieve a professional and safe tanning effect which complies with all standards recommended by health professionals.

Come to any of our Solisun tanning centres established in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Utena or Elektrėnai, and your wish to pamper your skin with an enticing bronze tan will be fulfilled, regardless of the time of the year.

By visiting any of our eighteen Solisun tanning centres in Lithuania, our customers will be able to choose from the largest range of various types of tanning beds produced by Megasun and Ergoline which are well-known manufacturers around the world. Currently, Solisun has as many as 126 tanning beds in different cities across Lithuania, among which you can find full-body stand-up and lay-down tanning beds, as well as equipment for face tanning only.

Solisun has been taking care of the quality of its services and observing the latest trends around the world for a number of years. It is the representative of internationally renowned brands - German tanning bed manufacturer Ergoline and experts of professional tanning cosmetics Devoted Creations (USA) in Lithuania.

Ergoline tanning beds available in the tanning centres of the largest tanning salon network Solisun provide our customers with two different advantages at the same time – they have lamps which both provide your skin with a beautiful tan, as well as activate the release of protein - collagen which is beneficial to the human body.

It has been proven that the red light of collagen lamps stimulates certain cells of the human body, thus promoting the production of new collagen fibres. During this process, the skin is supplied with oxygen, toxins are eliminated from the body, and moisture accumulation in the skin is restored. Regular use of collagen lamp therapy enables to eliminate all traces of fatigue, as well as any visible wrinkles. Solisun tanning centres use tanning lamps with safe radiation which allows to avoid the undesired "red" tan.

Solisun tanning salons use 0.3 W/m2 lamps which comply with the radiation safety standards established by the Commission of the European Union. This reduces the likelihood of burns and prevents skin becoming red or dry after a tanning session. Therefore, in addition to all the aforesaid things that help achieve a desired tan, you will be able to highlight your skin with a longer-lasting chocolate shade knowing that this result will be achieved in a place where safe tanning limits will not be overstepped.

Our range of specialized professional Devoted Creations cosmetics is particularly beneficial for those who wish to achieve a beautiful tan faster. Customers will be able to choose a product or equipment that is best for them by coming to any Solisun centre in Lithuania. Our professional tanning line includes fragrant tanning lotions with different amounts of bronzers for both men and women, as well as provides our customers with a wonderful opportunity to take care of their skin after leaving the tanning salon. Developers of Devoted Creations give priority to the condition of skin after tanning by providing a range of different types of moisturizing creams helping avoid dry skin which is yet another secret to achieving the perfect result.

Solisun - the largest network of tanning salons will surprise you not only with its customer-friendly prices and theme-based sales, but also with an exceptional opportunity to use your purchased tanning salon membership indefinitely, as well as share it with your friends by visiting any of our Solisun centre closest to you.


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