O'Learys is an American-style entertainment center that invites sports fans, families, friends and colleagues to enjoy a great time together.
An abundance of sports channels and screens await our guests - the opportunity to watch competitions taking place even in the farthest corner of the world.
Interactive bowling, pool tables, shuffleboard games, virtual reality arenas, darts - a truly entertaining selection. Restaurant menu and drinks to please every taste. Young visitors will also be impressed - they will be able to enjoy the children's zone exclusively for them.
You can buy a ticket for the bowling game here: https://e-olearys.lt/



Celebrate birthdays, meetings with friends at the bowling alleys. Have fun together!

At O’Learys you will find 14 bowling lanes, 4 of which are interactive, the latest generation. How the game looks like at interactive lanes, please watch: INTERACTIVE BOWLING.

VR Attraction

Try it with friends and get the best emotions!

VR Hologate Multiplayer Arena 

In the virtual reality room everyone will discover a new experience with unforgettable time!
At the same time can play 4 people.


Try darts entertainment with friends!
At the O’Learys we have two dart boards for entertainers.


We invite you and friends to a game of billiard! In O’Learys entertainment center we have three billiard tables.
While playing you can comfortably see sports broadcast!


Shuffleboard is fun and adventurous entertainment for a group of 2-8 people.

The company is divided into two teams (red / blue), which receive four pucks of their color (the number of members in a team may not be the same).

The purpose of game – move all four pucks by hand to the highest point zone so that they do not fall at the end of the board. The winner is the first team collected 15 points.

Meet the rules: Shuffleboard rules.

For O’Learys entertainers, we have two shuffleboard tables.


Welcome to O’Learys modern gaming space, where you can try out the following arcades

  • Boxing Pear
  • Combo boxing pear
  • Basketball
  • Air Hockey
  • Ice Hockey
  • Table football
  • Moto GP Racing
  • Sega Rally Racing
  • Horse race

Bowling lessons with a trainer

In cooperation with “Andrius Gasparavičius Sports Bowling School”, we invite the team to spend meaningful time in sports bowling trainings. These trainings will not only introduce you to bowling entertainment, but also bring your team closer!

During training:

  • you will get acquainted with the inventory of sports bowling;
  • you will learn how to choose the right ball;
  • the coach will advise you on how to set your throw properly, concentrate and focus on the goal;
  • you will learn to maintain a correct posture;
  • After training, you will feel more confident, more in control of the rolling ball!

Working hours

I-VII 08:00 - 23:00
I - VII 10:00 - 21:00
I-VII 08:00 - 22:00
I - VII 08:00 - 22:00