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The offer is valid till 2022-12-31

If you spend more than 8 hours a day at digital screens (including your smartphone and tablet), feel severe eye fatigue, headaches or have difficulty falling asleep, be sure to sign up for an optometrist consultation at one of our salons. 

The vision test – is performed using an autorefractometer. It takes only a few minutes and provides “Fielmann” specialist with the primary information about the state of your vision. If you have doubts about the need for glasses or other questions, this test will provide the necessary information, and “Fielmann” optometrist will answer your questions. 

The vision test, which is based on data from an autorefractometer, is not enough to order glasses, as it is intended to assess the initial, approximate state of vision. If you decide to order glasses or purchase contact lenses, an eye examination will be carried out. And if you intend to order glasses this examination will be free of charge.

Important: vision test and examination are carried out only for ordering of glasses. Eye diseases: glaucoma, cataract, retinal defects can only be noted by ophthalmologists in medical institutions. Optics do not perform in-depth eye examinations.

Register for a vision test tel. +370 679 20031


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