Design of the multifunctional complex Akropolis Vingis presented to the Council of Architects


Akropolis Group presented a design proposal of the multifunctional cultural, entertainment, business, and shopping complex Akropolis Vingis project to the Vilnius Regional Council of Architects (VRCA). The design proposal of Akropolis Vingis, which is planned to be constructed in Vilkpėdė, a district of Vilnius, has been prepared with regard to VRCA’s recommendations concerning the pre-design proposal for Akropolis Vingis.

The pre-design proposal for Akropolis Vingis presented at the end of last year was welcomed by VRCA experts due to the innovativeness of the future design, the division of spatial volumes into the quarter-like structure, and the compatibility with the neighbouring Vilkpėdė and Naujamiestis districts. The design authors, in preparation of the design proposal, were asked to give more details and a more elaborated presentation of both the traffic inside the future quarter and its connections to the neighbouring territories, with an emphasis on pedestrians and cyclists.

Akropolis Group, planning the construction of the second Akropolis in the capital city of Lithuania, took into account the recommendations of VRCA architects.

“We have improved the design of the  multifunctional cultural, entertainment, business, and shopping complex Akropolis Vingis taking into account the valuable recommendations of the Council of Architects, we are grateful for these recommendations. We believe that the improved project design will receive a positive recognition from both the citizens of Vilnius and city guests,” Manfredas Dargužis, CEO of Akropolis Group, comments.

Akropolis Vingis design is even more open

Following the recommendations from VRCA architects, the quarter-like building-up structure and the variety of purposes of the buildings planned to be constructed in the territory have been emphasized. Akropolis Vingis will be not just a shopping and entertainment centre, it will also be a place to work or spend one’s leisure time – the complex will have offices and co-living spaces. A quarter of residential multi-apartment buildings reVingis, which is already under construction nearby, will bring more life into the complex.

In the course of improving the design, the connection of the designed complex to the Neris riverbank has been emphasized – the design foresees that the future pedestrian path going from Geležinio Vilko street to the Neris river will have landmark stairs with terraces. People will be able to relax both on lower and higher terraces, with their eyes resting on the Neris river view.

Focus on transport solutions

During designing of the complex, much attention was paid to calculations of traffic flows, account was also taken to VRCA recommendations regarding organisation of cycling and pedestrian traffic. The preparation and elaboration of infrastructural and traffic organization solutions are aimed at harmonious integration of the complex into the surrounding area and convenience both for pedestrians or cyclists and for those who arrive by public transport or by car. These design proposals of those infrastructure solutions will be presented additionally.

“In the post-pandemic period, the importance of lively urban spaces has increased – the city people got used to spend more time outdoors than ever before. The new Akropolis Vingis is being created using an open structure of city quarters, which will allow combining not only the shopping function but also the offices, leisure, entertainment, and cultural functions.” says Andrė Baldišiūtė, architect at „Do Architects“ the architecture studio, which is in charge of architectural design of „Akropolis Vingis”.

In the part of the land plot adjacent to M.K. Čiurlionio street, between the building complex and the Vingis Park, a broad promenade with greenery and bicycle paths are being designed, which are to be connected to Gerosios vilties street by a modern underground passage under Geležinio vilko street.

The new quarter of buildings is going to have a concert hall of 2,500 seats, a conference centre, a cinema complex, a commercial area with restaurants and cafes, offices and co-living spaces.

After VRCA presents its conclusions on the design proposal for the multifunctional quarter Akropolis Vingis, the design is going to be presented to the Vilnius City Municipality and the public.

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