Design of new building planned nearby AKROPOLIS in Klaipėda, Lithuania presented to the public


In a design publicity meeting held remotely, a new building planned nearby the shopping and entertainment centre Akropolis in the Lithuanian port city and its architectural solutions were presented to the public.

A new one-storey building with the commercial area of approx. 3,500 sq. m is planned to be erected nearby the existing shopping and entertainment centre Akropolis in Klaipėda. It should appear to the north of the shopping centre, near its current entrance No. 3. The planned building will house new shops that will allow to expand the range of goods and services currently offered to visitors.

Along with the construction of the new building, the parking lot is also planned to be expanded – 243 new parking spaces will appear next to Akropolis in addition to the already existing 2,157 parking spaces.

The project developer submitted a request to the Klaipėda City Municipality for approval of the design proposals. After the municipality gives its approval, a technical design of the building will be prepared, which is necessary for obtaining a document permitting construction. Information on the start date of the planned construction, construction periods and investments planned is going to be presented to the public after a document permitting construction is obtained.

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