MOHITO. Summer with Sandra Kubicka

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Inspired by the magnetism and charisma of Sandra Kubicka, we've prepared the Summer 2024 collection. The clothing and accessories, bearing her name, are bold and feminine — just like Sandra! By collaborating with MOHITO, she encourages women to be bold in expressing themselves and their style.

The collection features a great variety. It includes ready-to-wear looks that are perfect for any summer occasion. Some of these outfits are very comfortable and casual — yet, certainly not lacking in expression! On the other hand, there are also glamorous outfits for the moments when a woman wants to shine.

A denim dress in the color of the sky or an animal print skirt paired with a cropped top makes for an ideal solution on a hot city day. Meanwhile, a very trendy crocheted set in beige is perfect for a vacation by the sea, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Summer is often a busy time with friends and late-night fun. In the rays of the setting sun, no outfit dazzles quite like a breezy maxi dress in a distinctive, exotic print. This look should be complemented with gold jewelry and matching lace-up stilettos—it’s a true hit of the season!

The MOHITO collection signed by Sandra Kubicka is the essence of feminine sensuality. It perfectly reflects Sandra’s personal style, which varies depending on the occasion or mood. And this makes the collection very authentic and practical. While having a summer break, dare to be yourself and show your best side!

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