Copy of Akropolis Klaipėda is about to change its looks: The interior design of the shopping and entertainment centre is undergoing a major revamp


The interior of Akropolis Klaipėda, the largest shopping and entertainment centre in Western Lithuania, managed by Akropolis Group, is undergoing a major interior modernisation. EUR 7.7 million will be invested into the renovation of common spaces, the works will be carried out without disturbing the usual operations of the shopping centre.

“The shopping and entertainment centre Akropolis Klaipėda has been operating since 2005, the shops in it are regularly revamped, new brands keep to be introduced. The modernisation of the common shopping and entertainment spaces is aimed at Akropolis consolidating its position, offering its visitors the widest selection of goods, services and leisure places to choose from and the most convenient shopping experience. The renovation of the interior of the shopping centre will be the biggest in its history. We hope that the renovated spaces in Akropolis Klaipėda will add to the creation of the visitors’ positive experience,” says Dominykas Mertinas, Head of Marketing and Communications at Akropolis Group.

Akropolis Klaipėda will renovate the interior of its common spaces, paying particular attention to modern lighting solutions, a lighter and more cosy interior design of the shopping and entertainment centre. During the implementation

of the project, new comfortable rest areas will be equipped with sofas and will stand out with different colours. The major renovation of the sanitary facilities has already started – most of them already welcome visitors with considerably more spacious and brighter

rooms, convenient doorless entrances, which are safer in terms of hygiene. The shopping centre also already offers the convenience of 3 newly equipped modern and spacious child-care rooms.

“We seek to bring more light into the shopping and entertainment centre by replacing grey shades with white ones, introducing lighting solutions that mimic daylight, also by making common areas more spacious and open. Making the common interior background of Akropolis Klaipėda lighter will make the shop windows in it more prominent,” comments the author of the design Rytis Čimkus, architect at 2L Architektai.

The shopping centre will stay open during the renovation

The common spaces in Klaipėda Akropolis subject to renovation are more than 11,000 sq. m, while the total area of the shopping and entertainment centre is 77,000 sq. m. The first alley revamping work will start in June, it is expected that the implementation of the project will take about a year.

“We plan that the revamping work will be implemented in stages, active work in the alleys will be carried out at night, therefore, all sales and services zones will work as usual and visitors will be able to use all the amenities,” says D. Mertinas.

The interior design of Vilnius Akropolis was revamped in 2019 following a similar principle. Then the modernisation affected the area of over 40,000 sq. m meant for shopping, entertainment and public spaces, which amounts to five football fields. The investment into the renovation of the capital city shopping centre was about EUR 14 million, it did not close its doors for a single day, either.

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