Protection of whistleblowers
Protection of whistleblowers


The Law on Protection of Whistleblowers of the Republic of Lithuania stipulates that information about the infringement may be submitted to KAUNO AUDINIŲ PROJEKTAS, UAB (company code 301744841, address Karaliaus Mindaugo ave. 49, LT-44333 Kaunas)  (hereinafter referred to as the Company) by a natural person who is or has been associated with the Company by means of employment, contractual relations (consultancy, contract, subcontract, internship, apprenticeship, volunteer activities, etc.), a self-employed person, a shareholder or a person belonging to the administrative, management or supervisory body of the Company, or any natural person working under the supervision and direction of contractors, subcontractors and/or supplier.

Information about the infringements is reported for the purposes of protection of the public interest. Any information provided to defend purely personal interests will not be considered a report under the Law on Protection of Whistleblowers of the Republic of Lithuania.

The procedure for submitting and examining reports is regulated in more detail by the following:

Information about infringements is reported concerning the following (sample list):

  1. A risk to public security or health or to the life or health of a person;
  2. A risk to the environment;
  3. Obstruction of or unlawful interference with investigations carried out by law enforcement authorities or administration of justice by courts;
  4. Financing of illegal activities;
  5. Illegal or non-transparent use of public funds or assets;
  6. Illicit assets;
  7. Concealing the consequences of an infringement, obstructing determination of the scope of the consequences;
  8. Other infringements of the public interest.

In order to observe the Law on Protection of Whistleblowers of the Republic of Lithuania, the Company has established a special internal whistleblowing channel, i.e. reports may be submitted by e-mail [email protected] or by other means specified in the Rules and of convenience to you, by filling in the form specified in the Rules. The Company’s law department manages the whistleblowing channel, examines and evaluates the information received via the channel, while ensuring the confidentiality of the person and the information reported.

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